Weaving e-commerce and content into Edwin Jeans online shop experience

Edwin Jeans is a cult Japanese denim brand with a strong identified community attached. Its values are those of authenticity and the highest quality. 

The new site brings together the brand stories to the passionate community, delivering an array of high value, self produced content – from films series and interviews to mixtapes and collaborations – with an engaging shopping experience, aiming to accompany customers in their decision process to choosing the right fits, material, size and ultimately buy their jean online.

Senior Designer
(UX, UI)

Client / Agency
Edwin Jeans Europe / Sennep

E-commerce, fashion

The Lovie Awards x2, Webby Awards x1,  Awwwards x1, FWA x1

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A visual brand
Edwin has a very strong brand aesthetic, and they are prolific at expressing it through the production of content. They create beautiful still and moving imagery, which utlimately constitute the true soul of the brand, and therefore is the backbone and highlight of this new web experience.


A content hub with shopping at its heart
The Journal is the space where Edwin can share and promote its content and engage with its community. Edwin products worn by individuals in the articles are featured at the bottom, offering a seamless shopping experience and embracing the commercial opportunities.


A shoppable lookbook
Bringing together the collection photoshoot with direct shopping, this interactive lookbook uses hotspots to highlight products.


Bring the in-store friendly feel
Imagery from the stores, staff, and a friendly language help bring a face onto the Edwin brand while shopping online.

The challenge of buying jeans online
Jeans might be one of the trickiest piece of garment to buy online, for it’s hard to understand how the jeans will fit.

To overcome this challenge, we created tools for users to choose the fit and select the right size by giving them all the information they need, from large images and close ups, measurments and jeans specific filters, as well as an interactive fit guide.


A playful interactive fit guide
This fit guide allows you to compare 2 pairs at once of jeans on moving models that you can control: make them turn around, jump, squat, dance, lift one leg and then the other. See the jeans worn, lived in, understand how the fabric behaves, how it moves. Get a hint of how it feels to wear them.


Attention to detail
The premium, bold and friendly feel must be consistent throughout the entire experience and feed into every pixel of the website, including basket and full purchase experience, info pages, or contact pages.