Conveying Futurice’s unique company culture, values & expertise

Futurice is a Finnish software and service design agency with offices across 6 locations in Europe. 

Supporting the desire to assert a global vision while respecting the cultural and economical specificities of each market, through a bold and bright visual language and structured narrative, Futurice’s new website showcases its brilliant company culture, values, and in-depth expertise, aiming to express what it’s like to be part of the Futurice family, as a employee and partner alike.

Art Director
(Visual language, UI & interaction design)


Agency website, Tech


A bold, colourful and simple art direction speak of Futurice’s strong promises of clarity, transparency while also expressing  the friendly and fun company culture.


Making statements 
Large statements at the top of each page hook visitors into each narrative and engage them to dive  into the information further, leading them through more content with regular jump off points.

Modular built
A modular approach allows for components to be reused throughout the website, as well as to shift information specifically for each device, thus serving users with the most relevant content, as well as repurposing content for different journeys.


Mobile first
To deliver the best experience, content can be shifted, added, or removed, depending on the device the visitor is using and its associated behaviors. For instance if user visit the office page on desktop or tablet, the content is detailed and supported by large visuals, while on mobile users are probably using data on the go, thus we removed unecesssary images and give them access to location and contact first.


Engaging potential recruits
Recruitment is a key objective for Futurice across its 6 European locations: we created 2 friendly and active experiences, one to browse job opening and another to apply, aiming to attract and filter the right candidates with clarity and playfulness.

Applying for a job at Futurice
Applicants can record a video as well as upload a more traditional cover letter and resume, select different skills, and tick locations they would be interested in. Trying to avoid shoving people inside boxes, this helps reveal and recruit heclectic and interesting profiles, beyond pre-defined roles.


6 offices, 1 contact form
A single contact form giving users options to contact each of the offices. Once an office is selected, direct contact details to key individuals within te office are displayed.

Ultimately, the whole website could be navigated through those threads, giving users relevant journeys through a mix of archived and newly published content.