Promoting the Google Digital News Initiative and its funding opportunity

The Digital News Initiative (DNI) is a collaboration between Google and news publishers in Europe that supports high quality journalism and encourages a more sustainable news ecosystem through technology and innovation.

With a visual brand repositioning, supported by an engaging narrative and clear voice, the new site aims to give DNI a tool to promote the initiative and their collaborators a platform for broadcasting their innovations. 

Art Director
(Visual language, UI)

Client / Agency
Google DNI / Code & Theory

Website proposal (pitch)


New look
Bringing a new light on the Digital News Initiative with a bold, unique and characterful language, distant from a corporate expression.

The use of large typography brings a sense of clarity and honesty.

Using the logo and its features as a base, we developped a strong digital color palette, as well as design elements and animations that bring coherence to the proposed visual language.


Building a relationship
The homepage serves as a hub where updates and news are curated and posted. The combination of different types of content and voices from high rank industry players, gives visitors a flavor of what Google DNI is about, inspiring them, and positionning the initiative as a meaningful, honest and trustworthy actor of the news ecosystem.


How are the funds used? 
Updates, news, timelines, interviews with the team members, each project funded by DNI has its own page that journalists and professionals can follow, getting both informed and inspired by innovation and technology.