Handy by Flora lets you play, pause and rewind recipes with a wave of a hand while cooking, no more mess

Handy is a web app that lets cooks follow their favourite YouTube video recipes playing on their phone, tablet or even computer, without messing up their screen and keyboard. Using gesture control technology, users play, pause and rewind the video with a simple wave of a hand in front of their webcam. 

Design lead
(Branding, visual language, UI/UX)

Client / Agency
Unilever / Lean Mean Fighting Machine

Web app, gesture technology, video, food

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Playful & dynamic feel
Baking is about being active. It's playful, and it's messy. Handy comes into your kitchen as a little helping hand, and it's all about that swiping gesture, in front of the webcam.

Before users even read the instructions, the logo we designed hints to the gesture, in a dynamic representation. Used within the onboarding animations, the soft and bouncy behaviour of the hand gives the brand character.


In a friendly and simple onboarding process, we introduce users with the purpose of the app and show a series of 3 branded animation concepts, taking users through the product's 3 functionalities: search, play, save.

Youtube integrated
Users can search Youtube videos directly in the Handy interface, making it easy to browse and pick any recipe to play using gesture controle technology with their webcam.

Add to cookbook
Handy offers a cookbook functionality, inside which user who have an account and logged in can save favourite videos to return to.